The Art of Getting Grants and Donations for Film and Video Projects - 3rd Edition - now ON SALE
Written by Morrie Warshawski.

Dazed and confused by the frustrating world of grants and donations? This classic text, now completely revised, demystifies the entire maze of grant hustling with easy-to-follow guidelines. Find out how to: Prepare Yourself for Fundraising; Prepare Your Project for Raising Money; Conduct Effective Research; Make a Personal Ask; Write the Perfect Grant Proposal; and more. New 3rd Edition has foreword by Barbara Kopple, sidebars by 15 experts in the filed, and expanded sections on the Internet and social networking. Order now and get a 25% discount off the cover price of $26.96! You can use your credit card at Paypal Or, send check or money order for $20.21 plus $4 postage = $24.21 to: Morrie Warshawski, 1480 Cedar Avenue, Napa, CA 94559.

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The Fundraising Houseparty:
How to Party with a Purpose and Raise Money for Your Cause - 2nd Edition

You can order your signed copies now.
Use Paypal, or send $19.95 per copy plus postage ($4 first copy, $1 each additional copy) to: Morrie Warshawski, 1480 Cedar Avenue, Napa, CA 94559.

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this afternoon – a new book of thirty poems by Morrie Warshawski. Handmade paper covers, hand sewn, type set by hand, designed and printed on a Chandler & Price letterpress by Lisa Rappoport of Littoral Press in a limited edition of only 150 copies. Get yours signed by the author for $30 plus $4 postage. Use your credit card at Paypal or, send check to: Morrie Warshawski, 1480 Cedar Avenue, Napa, CA 94559. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, please contact me first for a quote on your postage rate - $4 is for domestic orders only. “The voice is clear, individual, bemused, amusing… I love the way you look around you and bring everything in. The things that fit, the things that don’t fit. The things that surprise. Love the way you turn it all into love… Congratulations!”

A State Arts Agency Strategic Planning Toolkit
written by Morrie Warshawski, with Kelly J. Barsdate and Jonathan Katz.

This practical, hands-on toolkit covers all the intricacies of long range strategic planning. Although designed primarily for state arts agencies, the Toolkit contains advice that will be helpful to any nonprofit organization. The publication includes: Hallmarks of Excellence in Planning, Elements of a Full Planning Process, Self-Evaluation Checklists, Case Studies and an extensive List of Resources. Published by, and available from: The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, 1029 Vermont Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.20005. Ph. 202.347.6352. Fax 202.737.0526.

A 2012 interview with Morrie - "Funding Your Film"- by Christina Hamlett can be found at: An article by Morrie - "Be Nimble, Jack: Nourishing Strategic Agility"- from Consultants and Coaches for the Arts website can be found at:

Interviews with Morrie can be found at:

How to Throw a Fundraising Houseparty:
is an audio segment by Morrie that first appeared on NPR's Marketplace Radio.

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